Best Legos for Adults


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Best Legos for Adults

I have been on a search for the best Legos for adults and finally found a couple to my liking. Legos are a great way of spending time with your family and time can fly super fast when you are enjoying yourself.

My kid loves playing with Legos. If he is stuck on a part he will make me finish it for him. Of course we would buy the set that he can build for his age.

The only thing I don’t like about Legos is they have so many pieces to keep track of and sometimes I will step on them when I’m not looking. Yes, it hurts when you step on them with your bare foot.

Another thing I don’t like is if you just miss or lose one tiny piece the set can’t be completed. It is not like it comes with extra pieces for replacements.

Legos are pretty much like you are playing a puzzle. But of course Legos are more like a model when we finished building it. Here is how I take care of my kids’ Legos. I use a big ziplock bag to put all the pieces in for the pieces for that single set that they haven’t finished building and don’t mix the other sets that we might have. It is going to be hard to separate them once they are mixed.

My kids’ Legos have less pieces than the one showing on here. It has about 300 to 400 pieces for this set, but the one that I am planning to buy has way more pieces than that. So I still haven’t figured out what to use to store the unfinished pieces. I don’t think the Ziplock bag we have is big enough to hold all the pieces.

As you can see from the above image, that set is saying it has 4,295 pieces. It is going to take a while to finish the whole thing. I might consider using a box to store it for the time being. The set I am planning to get is called the LEGO Tower Bridge 10214.

It is for the ages of 16 and up. It looks very challenging to build. Well, at least for me. It will be a little more fun if it is challenging. You will have a lot more satisfaction when you complete the whole thing. LOL………..

This set includes four vehicles and they are the red double decker bus, black taxi, green automobile and a yellow truck. The tower bridge can be taken apart in sections for easy transporting to a different location.

If you are also wondering what is the measurement when the whole set is completed, then here it is. It is 17 inches high, 10 inches wide and 40 inches long. Be sure to have a nice place to display it, so you will have a chance to look from time to time at your hard work.

The reason why I chose this set is because I like the tower bridge. It looks nice. It is popular and has very high ratings from people who bought it. In terms of price it might be a little high budget, but I can manage somehow.

LEGO 10218 Creator Pet Shop

I’ve always wanted to own a pet shop since I like animals like kitties and dogs but sadly I am allergic to them. Now at least I can own this model Lego pet shop to dream about it. This looks like a three story home with two houses.

This one has a lot less pieces than the tower bridge so the price might cost less. It is for the ages of 16 and up. The total pieces to complete this set are 2,032.

It includes a pet shop owner shop, a girl riding on a bicycle, a woman and a painter holding a painter roller. Since this is a pet shop store, it also includes the following items – kitty cat, dog, a tank with goldfish, 2 cute parrots, brush, bucket and three dog bones, birdhouse, frog toys, and ball.

There are a lot of other items included. If you would like to know what other items are included you can click on the image on the left side to find out.

The price for this one fits into my budget at the moment while writing this post. It has very good reviews by users and I love the design of the pet shop. The weight for this set is about 6.4 pounds.

If you don’t like the two sets of Legos I have found here then you can click here to see a lot more designs for adults.

Here is a little tip if you are deciding to buy these adults Legos. It might save you some extra money for other things. While searching for these Lego sets, I found out if you buy them directly from amazon and not from third party sellers from amazon, the price seems to be a lot less. Unless amazon is out of stock then you should pick a seller that has a higher average rating.

Please note amazon’s prices for the items change every day. If you find the price is favorable then I think you should buy it. That price might not come back again. With that being said, the price might be even lower than your favorable price. It could happen but I think it is less likely.