Giant Connect Four Game


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Giant Connect Four GameMost of us like to play a normal connect four game, but what about a giant connect four game? Have you given that a try yet? This game is a must to have if you are having an outdoor activity and it is also great to be used to entertain your guests for any kind of party. How cool is that?

Comparing from a normal and giant connect four game, I think the giant one can give you a little bit more exercise because you might have to walk a little bit to your selected slot. Others might have a better view from watching the game in play.

Of course the goal of this game is to connect the 4 exact same colors to the slots to win and at the same time you will have to prevent your opponent from doing so, or else you will lose the game. I very much enjoy a connect 4 game with my kids and I also played this kind of game with my friends when I was a kid.

What I like about this game is its simpleness. It doesn’t really require you to think too much. Almost any kind of kids can play it. This large connect 4 game is recommended for the age of 8 and up by the manufacturer. It might be a little bit challenging for a shorter kid to play this game.

The Giant Connect Four Outdoor Game For Sale

You can click on the check price button from below to the place where the giant connect 4 game is for sale. You can see exactly what the connect 4 looks like from the picture. It is pretty big. I am betting your kids will have a lot of fun from it.

I would most likely will go with the alternative. The design is different but the game stays the same. If you want to see what it looks like, you can do so by scrolling down a little bit from this post or clicking here.

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Giant Connect 4 Game Descriptions

  • It is 4 feet tall in height which will let an adult enjoy the game with comfort.
  • The frame and counters are made with strong plastic.
  • The product dimension is 60 x 11 x 48 inches and it weighs about 35 pounds.
  • The box includes the following items: One blue plastic frame, two green uprights, 21 red counters and also 21 yellow counters.

If you are out of ideas on what to get for your baby this year’s Christmas then the giant connect 4 garden game might be a good choice.

ECR4Kids Mega 4 In Line Over sized Game

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ECR4Kids Mega 4 Game Descriptions

  • The measurement is 48.00 inch x 22.40 inch x 46.00 inch.
  • The weight is 35.25 pounds and it is easy to assemble.
  • It is recommended for the ages of 36 months to 12 years old. You can still play it even when you are an adult.
  • The game is designed for easy storage with its disassemble features. That means you don’t have to leave it lying around in the room and taking up space.
  • The model number is ELR-12507.
  • According to the official site ECR4KIDS, it comes with a two year limited warranty.
  • You can check out the assembling instructions by clicking here.

ECR4Kids Mega 4 In Line Oversized Game Review

According to my researching most of the users are happy with this ECR4Kids Mega 4 game. They are very glad that they have bought it and their kids are having so much fun with it.

Pros & Cons

Pros: It’s durable and easy to assemble. Kids love it especially in a classroom. Great for indoor and outdoor play.

Cons: Doesn’t come with a carrying bag for the chips and it would be even more nice to have a carrying case for easy portability to places. Comes with missing parts, but if you contact the company, they will solve the missing part problem for you.