Light Up Umbrella With 7 Changing Colors


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Light Up Umbrella

This is the first time I have found a light up umbrella and it can change up to seven different colors. It is cool, right? Little kids will love this. This umbrella is just like a lightsaber.

I wouldn’t mind owning a couple of these. The light can help you to see better on a rainy day or in a dark place. The umbrella is pretty simple to use and it is up to you whether to use the light or not.

If you decide to use the light, all you have to do is turn on the switch on the bottom of the umbrella handle. It does require three triple A batteries to use the LED light feature and it is safe to use with water like rain.

This item might be good for one person to use. It is possible for two, but it might not be able to cover the whole two people from the rain. Just be prepared to have some areas to be wet for two. Two little kids might have a better chance of getting less wet since they are smaller in size.

The length for this item is about 32 inches and when it is opened or being used it is about 40 inches in diameter. That should give you a better idea of how big it is.

This umbrella is not only limited to use under the rain. If you like you can use it under the sun on a sunny day. That’s what I usually like to do when I am going out for a walk and I don’t like having to put on sunscreen for just a one hour walk.