Clover Knitting Needles Review


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Clover Knitting Needles ReviewThe Clover knitting needles are the best brand of needles I have come across when it comes to knitting.

I have tried other brands but I think the Clover brand is the best one. I would also like to point out that comparing with others, it costs more than other brands like the Silvalume, Susan Bates and others. Maybe because it is made in Japan and it costs more to produce them.

The price is still worth it to me. I have been using the Clover Takumi knitting needles for a while now and have finished some pretty nifty projects like, baby booties, hats, scarfs. My next project is going to be a sweater and blanket and it requires circular knitting needles. Most likely this will be the only brand I am going to buy for my knitting needles.

You might want to check out a couple of knitting storage bag to hold your knitting needles and yarns. I also suggest you to get a knitting counter to easily keep track of rows.

Where To Buy Clover Knitting Needles Online And Locally

The places I know where to buy Clover knitting needles are Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and even Michaels. It is hard to find these knitting needles. I have spent a lot of time finding them. I mean on the sizes and longer inches. Some certain knitting projects do require different sizes and longer inch needles.

I can’t buy these needles easily at local stores, not even Walmart carries them and that is the place where we usually do our grocery shopping. Walmart only carries them online. If you have to buy them at your local stores, Michaels is the only place I know of that carries them locally. If you can’t find a Michaels store, then I don’t know where to send you to buy them other than online.

Oh yeah, if you order the needles online with Michales or Walmart then you can actually pick them up at your local store without having to pay for the shipping cost. If you buy from amazon, the shipping cost will also be free if your shopping cart is $35.00 and over. If I buy from them I usually take advantage of this deal. To check out the available sizes and types of Clover needles click the big picture below.

Buy Clover Knitting NeedlesBuy at Amazon

Clover Knitting Needles Review

Here are the pros and cons about the Clover knitting needles. I have a lot more pros to share than cons.


  • It is made out of high quality bamboo. If you are thinking it might break easily, that is not true unless you intentionally break it yourself.
  • It is very light and easy to use them when comparing with aluminum needles. I don’t think I will switch back to aluminum. I still have some aluminum needles. That’s because I had these needles for a very long time and it is way past its returning period.
  • The needles are very smooth when you touch them.
  • It is also not as slippery as the aluminum.
  • I also find my stitches are more prettier and faster.


  • The Clover needles are a lot higher in price than other needles.
  • Not as easy to buy them at your local stores.

Clover Double Pointed Knitting Needles

The Clover double pointed knitting needles was the kind I had trouble finding. I have no problem finding them in smaller size but I have problem finding them in longer inches. You normally will find these in 7 inches long but if you want them to be longer like 12 inches, it is a little harder.

Finally, I found them on Ebay. One of the sellers was selling it, but I don’t know if he or she still has it in stock. You will find the 7 inches Clover double pointed knitting needles either on Amazon, Walmart or Michaels. Click here to buy the 7 inches double pointed knitting needles made by Clover.

Knitting Stitch Counter

Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha

Knitting Stitch CounterI do recommend you to get a handy knitting stitch counter if you don’t already have one. It helps you to keep track of what rounds or rows to start off again when you have taken a break from knitting.

A lot of projects require you to have a lot of rows and rounds. I don’t think you would be able to remember them. Before I had a knitting counter, I used a piece of paper to write them down to help me to keep track.

I am using the Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha. It is the picture on the left side. It is in green color. The picture is showing a pink neck cord, but it doesn’t come with it when I purchased it. If you need a cord, you can always replace it with your left over yarns and that’s how I use it to put on my neck.

You can use it to count up to 99 rows or rounds. After you reached that number it will reset back to zero. It is really easy to use. I didn’t even read the instructions on the label. To start counting rows, all you have to do is press the white part button which is located on the top middle.

This counter does have a lock option on the left side and of course you can reset the numbers by using the dials on both sides. Click here to buy the Clover knitting stitch counter.