Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family


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Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family

Celebrating Christmas is awesome. It would be even more awesome when you buy these Christmas pajamas for the whole family.

Wearing the same matching family Christmas pajamas can certainly lighten up the whole family’s Christmas spirit and having Christmas spirit is pretty important. Besides, I think these Christmas PJs are fun and look adorable.

Think about it, every year when the whole family is wearing the matching pajamas with different designs opening their presents on Christmas Eve and taking a picture of it. Those pictures are very precious and priceless.

1. Charlie Brown Xmas Matching Family PJs

This is my number one choice for a family Christmas matching family pajamas in green color with Charlie Brown and Snoopy with its dog house as the design.

It looks super cute with a lot of available sizes for infants, toddlers, boys, girls, and adults to select from while writing this article.

The available sizes can be as small as from 6 months old to Women 2X, and as for men it can as be as big as Men-XX Large.

Just to let you know the below picture is showing a dog also wearing matching pajamas but when I checked, sadly it is not available for purchase. Who knows, it might be available at a later time.

I do suggest you to get it, while it is in stock if you like this set. When you come back at a later time it might not be available. I think clothes are usually out of stock faster than other items, especially in sizes.

When I am buying clothes online I buy them as soon as possible since I don’t want to be upset when I can’t buy them later.

This set of sleepwear is designed to keep you warm and comfortable. It has button closures for all of them, other than the infant ones.

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The average rating for this set is very high, but that being said the selling price is a little high when comparing with other normal Pajamas that I have bought.

The price is a little high maybe, but it is made with high quality materials and it is a Christmas item that is made with a known brand of Charlie Brown. As you know, Charlie Brown is a very famous cartoon. I have to say Snoopy is my favorite character in that show.


  • Looks really nice with the Charlie Brown and Snoopy design.
  • Keeps you warm and comfortable.
  • Made with high quality materials and soft at the same time.
  • A great Christmas present for a Peanuts fan.


  • The price is a little high when being compared with your normal daily wear sleepwear.
  • The pockets are a little small, but how often do you put items in your pajamas’ pockets? It wouldn’t be comfortable when you are sleeping with your items in the pockets right? The pockets might be designed for the appearance but not for use. I do have some clothes that are like that.
  • It shrinks a little but it won’t change the whole size.
Bottom Line: This is a nice pajamas set. I don’t mind paying a little extra for one time a year, because I know these Peanut PJs will bring happy memories to our family, so it is worth the price. Click here to buy or read more reviews.

2. Santa Suit Matching Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family and Dog

Wow take a look at this awesome looking Christmas Santa suit. Now everyone and even your dog or cat can take part being in red and can be Santa Claus on this special day.

We don’t have a dog or cat, but we would love to own one if our kids weren’t allergic to them. It is a bummer not being able to have a pet due to health issues.

Anyway, this Santa suit is available in a lot of different sizes for infants, toddlers, boys, girls, adults and even dogs or cats. It definitely has more variety in sizes than the above sleepwear.

The sizes can be as small as 0 to 3 month old and as big as women 2X. Just click the big picture below to see available sizes in stock.

This pajama set is made by the company named PajamaGram. The above one is also made by the same company. This design is made with 5% spandex jersey and the other 95% is cotton. It is machine washable. Please do wash it with cold water.

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The average rating is pretty high for this one but not as high as the Charlie Brown and Snoopy one. It does have more people who bought this design.

That might be due to the Santa suit being released earlier than the Charlie Brown one.


  • It is fun to wear these Santa PJs.
  • This PJ is well made.
  • It is stylish, comfy and cozy.
  • The PJ has a bright red color. It is an excellent item for the Christmas holiday.


  • The price for this Santa design is also high. That is because it is made by the same company of PajamaGram.
  • Some customers have received wrong sizes. If they send you the wrong size, just ask them for an exchange in sizes. Yeah, it is a little hassle when that happens.

3. Naughty-Nice 2 Sided Pajamas For The Family

There are many sizes for this Naughty-Nice 2 Sided Christmas Pj design. It has adult, youth, child, toddler and baby. I think baby and toddler sizes are the cutest.

The front of the shirt has the word “Nice” with red color Santa hat and the back of the shirt has the word “Naughty” with a red color crooked Santa hat.

Both shirt and pants are made with 100% cotton and did I mention it is made in the USA. Some people specially like buying a product make in USA, so I thought to mention this.

It should be washed with cold water if washing with machine. The shirt is suitable for both genders.

If you don’t like the Naughty-Nice 2 Sided Christmas Pajamas, you can click here for a lot of other family Christmas pajamas designs.

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The shirt can be worn with your other causal clothes to go out with. It is just like a T-shirt, but I don’t recommend wearing the pants outside because it does look like pajamas. I mean, unless you don’t mind others are laughing at you by wearing it outside.

I still remember a time when I was in college, there were a girl wearing her cute little pink one piece pajamas with her matching slippers to school to take her exam.

I guess she was studying her exam and didn’t have time to get ready. I just think she was kind of funny and very brave to do that.

If it were me I wouldn’t do it. Unless it is a pajamas event. My kids’ schools have pajamas events every year. Have you or any of your kids been to a PJ’s day event?


This is my last choice of picking Christmas Pajamas. That is because the average rating for this one is kind of low when it is being compared with other designs and it’s also not as soft as the other ones.

I usually go with a product that has a higher average rating, unless I really liked this design and give this one a try. Normally, I won’t though.

Thank you for reading this post and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY.