Old Fashioned Payphone Booth For Sale


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Old Fashioned Payphone Booth For Sale

Are you looking for an old fashioned payphone booth for sale? Then why don’t you check this one out? It looks really cool. The design is from the 1950s.

As you can see from the image on the left it has four available colors to choose from.

The available colors are black, brushed chrome, pink and red. Which color do you like better?

The pink and red colors will grab more attention from the audience. The brushed chrome and black will have less noticeable prints on the phone.

This thing is not only just for decorating your place, but it is an actual telephone you can use to make phone calls. It does require phone service to make it work.

It doesn’t require batteries or any charging batteries to operate it. Even if your power goes out it will still work as long as the phone service is still connected.

I think this is actually a good thing since it doesn’t require any batteries. If your place is like our house having the power go out very often then this phone will be very handy and even for emergencies.

If you have one of those phones that require electricity to power up, then it is a good idea to get one of these items that don’t require it for a backup. You may never know if you ever need the phone and the power goes out, unless you have a cellphone for backup.

The phone really doesn’t require money to be able to use it. The coin bank is pretty much used as a piggy bank. You can look at it as a donation for those who use the phone instead of actually paying for it before using it.

If you own a shop, this phone might be able to help you to raise some funds and spice up your place a little bit.

The phone is wall mountable and it also comes with a key to open the coin bank. Once the coins dropped into the bank it can’t be retrieved like a normal pay phone if you didn’t make the call. It can only be taken out with the key.

It is like once you donated your money, you can’t take it back. The phone doesn’t take dollar bills but can take coins.

The earpiece to the phone is able to adjust the volume and you are able to change from tone to pulse. The ringer can be turned to Off/On.

Just to let you know this phone might look like a rotary dial but it is not. It is a press button dial.

What’s Included?

Here are the following items included if you are planning to purchase it.

  • The Crosley CR56-BK phone
  • The user manual
  • Mounting hardware
  • Coin key
  • Phone cord
  • Handset
  • Handset cord

Crosley CR56-BK Review

The rating for this Crosley CR56-BK pay phone booth is very good. It looks nice. It brings you back to the old days. A lot of users are saying they got a lot of compliments for this phone. It is a great item for decoration and also a great item given as a gift.

The downside is some are complaining some parts are made with plastic instead of metal.

Bottom line, this is a great phone. Worth given a chance to bring it home.