Batman Raincoat With Cape For Boys


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Batman Raincoat With Cape

Your little boy might be very happy to receive this batman raincoat with cape as a present on his birthday or on Christmas day. It looks super cool. He will be even more excited if he is a batman fan.

They usually like to pretend to be a superhero. Who doesn’t, right? We only get to live as a kid once.

We have a batman fan in our family. Actually, he is crazy about batman at the moment. He is only 4 years old. I bet he would love to get this raincoat.

A raincoat is pretty handy when it rains on rainy days and especially if your little one needs to walk home a lot. I know you have to walk a lot if you are living in New York City.

A lot of households don’t own a car and they have to rely on either the bus or the subway for transportation. Even so when you get off the bus or subway, you usually would still have to walk a lot to go back home unless you are living right next to the bus or subway stop. That is usually very rare to happen.

So if you are living in that state or require your little one to walk a lot then it is a good idea to buy a raincoat for him. He will be less likely to get wet and possibly less likely to catch a cold. You could get him an umbrella, but I think a raincoat has more coverage than an umbrella. As you know, an umbrella can still make you wet if you are not holding it in the right spot.

Wearing some matching rain boots along with the raincoat looks even better. You can find a pair of batman rain boots by clicking here.

The raincoat needs to be hand washed and of course it is water resistant. If it is not then what is the use of this item, right? I forgot to mention the cape is removable.


This little rain coat has a very high average rating. A lot of consumers are happy with their purchase. It looks super cute. The boys fall in love with this rain coat when they receive it. What more do you want if your son loves it?

The downside for this item is the price is a little expensive for some of the reviewers.