Batman Twin Size Bed For Boys


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Batman Twin Size Bed
Batman Twin Size Bed

A Batman twin size bed will definitely make your little boy very happy for a birthday or Christmas gift if he is a big fan of Batman.

My son is a Cars fan. We got him a red car bed when he was a toddler and he enjoyed every bit of it, but he has grown out of it now and we have donated it.

I do have a nephew who is crazy about Batman. We pretty much buy everything batman as a theme for his gifts on his birthday and Christmas. His room is full of Batman stuff.

Anyway, this Batman bed is in black color with two bat logos. One on the footboard with a building scape and the other one is on the headboard.

Actually this is an upholstered bed for the footboard and headboard with faux leather. That means it will be more comfortable for your kid to be leaning on the headboard when he is sitting up to read bedtime stories.

The finished assembled bed is with the following measurements 80″L x 42″W x 33.5″H. The bed will fit in any kind of standard twin size mattress.

Did I mention this bed doesn’t require a box spring to support the mattress? It is very cool to save some money to buy other Batman themes like a twin size bedding or a Batman Logo style rug.

This Batman twin bed comes with the following items:

    • Footboard
    • Headboard
    • 2 Center Legs
    • 4 Corner Legs
    • 2 Side Rails
    • Mattress Support
    • Hardware Kit  that to be used for assembling
    • Assembly Instruction that you can follow to finish assembling the bed.

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You can also buy the same size Batman bed at amazon by clicking here. If you are thinking of buying this twin size bed then you should probably check both stores to see if you can save money, because they might have different selling prices.

Last time I checked amazon is offering free shipping and it might not cost you sales tax. So you might save more when buying it on amazon.

As you know this bed requires you to assemble it and it doesn’t come with a mattress. That means you would have to buy it separately. These days mattresses usually don’t come with the purchase.

Even you are buying it at your local furniture store, you still would have to pay extra to be added to your order and the higher the amount you spend on the total purchase price the higher the shipping cost.

I know this because we have made a purchase with a living room set. We had to pay over $150 for just delivery and not to mention we still have to pay sales tax.