Keurig K45 Elite Coffee Maker Review


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Keurig K45 Elite Coffee Maker ReviewThe Keurig K45 elite coffee maker has been made available in four different colors. The colors are black, white, blue and rhubarb. There might be more colors but these are the ones I came to know of.

One of these colors will match up with your counter very nicely. Most people would probably go with either the black or white color. At least that’s what I would pick. Most of my stuff is in those colors.

Keurig is a pretty popular brand of machine that makes very good coffee that you can trust. My in laws just recently bought a coffee maker by this brand. I don’t know which model she bought, but she loves her new machine and also enjoys her wonderful coffee every day.

I think she paid around $100.00 for her machine. We were going to buy it for her birthday this year, but she had already bought it. We ending up buying her a gift card from amazon. Well, she can use that gift card to buy some more ground coffee or K-cups.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Keurig K45 Elite Coffee Brewing System?

I think the best place to buy a Keurig K45 elite coffee brewing system is at amazon and of course the official website of Keurig. I normally don’t buy products from the official site because most of them usually cost higher than other retail stores and on top of that if you ever need to return or exchange a product, it usually takes much longer for them to process.

I buy a lot of things from amazon from small appliances to grocery items. I just recently bought a laser printer and I am still testing it out before writing a review about it.

This coffee maker does qualify for free shipping with a lot of different sellers. Just be sure to pick a seller with a higher rating if you decided to buy this coffee machine, and you might not have to pay sales tax. If you like to buy the white color one, then click here and for the blue one click right here.

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Indicator Lights

This coffee machine looks pretty simple to use with only a few buttons to press. It has five indicator lights on the right side of the coffee machine. Those indicator lights are Add Water, De-scale, Heating, Auto Off and Power with the order from top to bottom.

Each indicator lights light up with a different color. The Add Water Light will light up in blue color. The Descale Light will be in red color. The Heating Light will be in red color. The Auto Off Light will be in green color and the Power Light will be in green color. With all these light colors, it will tell you what is going on with the machine and you will know what to do next.

Drinks To Brew

You can use this coffee maker to brew a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, tea and even iced drinks. All it needs is a press of a button and it will brew you a drink under one minute. As we all know, we always rush through the morning to be ready for our jobs, meetings or appointments, so we need all the time we can get to help us to be on time. If you are like that then this machine is right for you.

Cup Sizes

Keurig K45 Elite Coffee Maker Rhubarb This is a single cup brewer system that you can select between the three available cup sizes of the drink. The choice of the drinks are six, eight and ten ounce.

The exact amount of drinks serving into the cup is 5.25 ounce for the six ounce cup, the eight ounce cup will be serving a 7.25 ounce and as for the large cup (10 ounce) it will be serving 9.25 ounce.

Each one of us drink different amounts of coffee per day, so it is really a good option for us to be able to choose the amount to drink.

I mean some of you are a heavy or light coffee drinker, so you will be able control the amount of coffee to consume per day. You can be able to remove the drip tray, if you are using a travel mug to hold your coffee. Do note, do not use any cup that is made out of glass. Doing so might make the glass to be cracked.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir or should I say the water tank can hold up to 48 ounce of water and it is removable for easy cleaning. Do note the water reservoir and the lid are not dishwasher safe. It is recommend to be washed with a damp, soapy, non abrasive cloth and you need to rinse it thoroughly.

The water tank has a MAX FILL label line on it. This is showing you not to fill your water to be higher than that line.

Energy Savings Mode

The energy savings mode can help you to save some money on electricity. You can program it to turn off itself with just a simple button. To enable the Auto Off Timer or energy savings mode just press the Auto Off Button and of course the brewer needs to be turned on to do that.

The brewer will turn itself off after two hours from the last brew. Nifty right? That way you won’t let it turn on 24/7. You do know that every minute counts on the electric bill. I like turning things off when I am not using them.

Quiet Brew Technology

This brewer has been made with quiet brew technology. Basically, it means when you are brewing your coffees or drinks it will be much quieter. You don’t want to have a coffee maker to be so loud to wake up your family members when you are making coffee in the early morning. It is always better to be a little quiet with small appliances right?

Accessories & Specifications

  • A water filter handle and 1 charcoal filter are included with the Keurig K45 elite coffee maker.
  • It uses the power of 1,500 watts with a 120VAC/60Hz voltage.
  • It weighs 12 pounds when it is empty.
  • The dimension is 13.0″H x 9.8″W x 13.3″D.

Keurig K45 Review

This brewer has a top notch average rating. To see the average rating, please click the check price button below. There are 96 percent of the users who are very happy with this coffee maker and of course there are a small amount of unhappy users.

Most of them are due to the product being a failure because it doesn’t last long. If that is the case the warranty still covers the repair. Some of us just happen to be so unlucky to get a lemon every once in a while when we buy a product.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The machine is very convenient and easy to use. Many different choices of K-cup flavors to try out. The coffee maker is quiet when brewing. You don’t have to worry about waking up others from grinding your coffee at 5:00 AM anymore.

Cons: This brewer also doesn’t have a timer. Some are saying the K- cups are expensive. To solve this problem you don’t just have to use the K-cup coffees. They do have a lot of brands of K-cups, like Starbucks.

You can click here to check out what available K-cups flavors there are for coffees, hot cocoa, and tea. You can also use your favorite brand of ground coffee with a reusable filter. Click here to get a reusable filter.

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Warranty & Manual

The Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System comes with a one year manufacturer warranty and you can check out its users manual by clicking here.