Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Review


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Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Review

I recently received a Marcy Air 1 fan exercise bike made by the company Impex Fitness as my birthday present from my family member. Well, I actually received it at the end of July 2013.

I didn’t want to write the Marcy Air 1 fan exercise bike review yet until I had given enough time to test it out first. I think I have owned this bike for about three months and I have been fully using it for about two and a half months.

I was using it at least three times a week for about half an hour each time. Sometimes it might be for an hour. I haven’t been using it for the last two to three weeks because I was sick from a cold. I can tell you that I am loving this bike.

I am ready to start back continuing working with my bike. I have been taking a long break from it. I did lose about 5 to 7 pounds from working with my bike from that time frame. I think that is a pretty good result. As you know, losing an extra pound is pretty hard and I did eat a lot of chips.

Someone lost even more weight than me, like 60 pounds, when he or she was using this bike for over six months. You will also have very good results too if you are dedicated to your workouts.

Actually, losing weight is not the real reason I requested this bike. My real reason is I have lack of exercise, so I wanted something to give me some exercise. I don’t mind losing some weight though. I do need my tummy and legs to be a little tighter.

What Exactly This Marcy Air 1 Bike Has To Offer?

I know a lot you are like me to find out more about a product before making that purchase. So here are the below things this bike has to offer.

Displaying Screen

This bike has a very big displaying screen that you wouldn’t miss seeing the numbers. The displaying screen will display the following things and if you want you can reset all the recorded numbers unless you want it to continue to keep counting the total score. In another words, the bike will track your speed, distance, calories and time.

Time – The time is showing how far or how long you have been working with the bike. You can also send the bike to have a count down timer.

Displaying screenFor example, if you want to work for 30 minutes only for this session, then you can set it to 30 minutes for the timer to count down instead of going up.

When you have finished the 30 minutes session, it will let you know with several beeping sounds.

The count down is also available for speed, distance and calories. Just select either the time, speed, distance and calories for the count down and then add either the total amount of time, speed, distance and calories, just whichever one you have selected and that’s it.

Like I said, it will alert you with sounds when the counting down category you have selected is finished.

Speed – It is showing the current speed of how fast you are petaling the bike in miles per hour.

RPM – Is showing the repetition/min, speed and RPM display will switch to each other every 6 seconds.

Distance – The distance is showing how far you have traveled in miles. It has a maximum value of 99.99 miles. So that is the highest number it will go.

Calories – This is showing how many calories you have burned from your current session work out. You can also set this to the total amount of calories you want to burn off for a exercise session.

When the exercise bike is not in use, it will display the current time, and calendar which is the date. It will show the correct time and date only if you have set the current time and date. It will also show you the current room temperature. Pretty nifty, no need for a thermometer.

Let’s explain a little more about the displaying screen when it is in idle mode.

Calendar – It will display the date, month and year.

Clock – Showing the current time.

Temperature –  It will show the current room temperature from 50 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit. The temperature will show automatically since it can’t be adjusted.

Note: If you need to replace the batteries, the clock will need to be readjusted, because it will reset all to zero when the batteries are being removed. The battery life usually lasts about 3 months under normal usage.

Built-in Fan

It has a built in fan to keep you cool while you are doing your workout. I was looking at other exercise bikes, but I preferred to have an exercise bike with a fan.

As you know, if you want to have a decent workout you will bound to have sweat and you want something to help out as much as possible.

Here is what I do with my work out routine. I will have a nice work out for at least 30 minutes.

When I am done, I will ask one of my family members (mostly my youngest son) to do their exercise and I will sit in front of the the fan to cool myself off. How cool is that? It will also help me to save some electricity on the bill. 😆

Transporting Wheels

transporting wheelsThe bike has two small wheels in the front. This is built for easily moving the bike around your place.

I have moved my bike to a lot of places, like the living room and even in my room all by myself without needing anyone’s help. So this bike will fit through a normal door without any problems.

To move it to a different location, all you have to do is tilt the bike a little bit and roll with the pair of wheels and that’s it. If you still don’t know how it is done, then do watch the video I have created.

  • The fan is fairly quiet so I am able to watch TV while doing my workout. If the TV show is really good, I would even forget I am pedaling my bike and before I know it, I have already finished 30 minutes workout. That’s the reason why I picked a machine that has a seat so I can watch TV at the same time. I certainly don’t want to fall off while watching TV with other machines that require me to stand up.
  • The Air 1 fan exercise bike has a two years limited warranty. I would like to remind you, normally a product has a 1 year warranty.
  • The bike is pretty small. It really doesn’t take up that much space in your room.
  • With this bike your arms can also have a workout as well, because the handles are moving back and forth if you are pedaling the machine.
  • You can also put two of your legs on top of the two handles next to the fan. That is if you only want to have a work out with your arms instead of your legs.
  • The pedals have a strap belt on each side of your foot, so your feet won’t fall off or out of place.

Marcy Fan Bike Video

Okay, I have made a video for the Marcy Air bike. I thought you might see it better in the video than just seeing it from a picture.

I always enjoy watching videos than just only pictures. If you haven’t watched it from the top of this page then you can watch it from the below video. On this video, I am showing you how to use it and how to move it to a different location.

Where To Buy Marcy Air 1?

If you are interested in buying this bike, you can buy it at amazon. Just click the below big picture to check the current selling price.

It is possible to buy it at your local store for this model, but if you are buying it online, they will ship it to you to your front door and no need to worry about if you have a trunk that is big enough to bring it back home to your house locally.

If I need to buy something that is big, I need to borrow a truck to bring it back home. It is a little hassle to do it and I don’t feel like owing someone a favor.

Besides the last time I checked, this model is offering free shipping online. So I think buying it online is more convenient.

Buy Marcy Air 1 Fan BikeBut at Amazon

Marcy Air 1 Review

I am giving a rating of 4.5 for this exercise bike. I took .5 off because I would like to have the current local time being displayed while the bike is being used. I mean, I need to know the time of the day to get ready to do other things, such as picking up my kids. It also would be nice to have a light up display screen for better viewing of the numbers.

As you see below the average rating for this Marcy Air 1 bike is 4+ by the users. If they didn’t like this bike, they wouldn’t give it a very high rating.

Average Online Users Rating: 4+

Pros & Cons

Pros: This is an affordable and durable exercise bike. We could have saved some more money if we were buying it online. The machine appears to be made with heavy metal and less plastic and that makes it more durable.

The seat is made out of high density foam, so it is very comfortable to sit on. If the seat is not comfortable for you, you can always buy a seat cushion for this bike. If you are interested click here for a compatible bike seat cushion.

Either if you are tall or short you can use this bike, for example my son is 4 feet and my other family member is 6 feet 1, and both of them are enjoying using this bike. The pedals are also large and comfortable to use with shoes on.

Cons: I really don’t have that many cons to say, other than adjusting the seat to the level I want is a little hassle and my son is always adjusting the seat to his level and he wouldn’t fix it afterward.

My son is only 8 years old and he likes to ride on my Marcy fan bike Air 1 when he is bored. Like I said before, it would be great to be able to see the current local time while doing my workouts.

TIP and Bottom Line: I would recommend this Marcy fan bike to anyone who wants to be in good shape and have a very nice workout. If you do decide to buy this model bike, don’t ride it standing up without sitting on the seat, it will break the pedals by doing so. Click here to check the current selling price on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I might ask before buying this bike, so I thought I would share the answers that I found. I hope this is helpful to you to make that decision.

What is in the box?

  • The Marcy Air 1 exercise bike
  • The users manual
  • Two AA batteries

How much does bike weigh?

It weighs about 70.5 pounds. If you can’t lift that much weight then you should ask someone to help you out.

Is the fan loud?

I think the fan is fairly quiet when it is in use. The fan does sound louder if you move the pedals faster and the wind is also bigger. Just watch the above video to give you an idea of how loud it would be.

What is the maximum weight limit for the user?

The weight limit for this bike is 300 pounds. You shouldn’t try this bike when you are over that weight limit, because you don’t want to get yourself hurt. I believe safety is the first priority.

I am a little short or tall on height, can I still use it?

Yes, because the seat can be adjusted. My family members are between 4 feet to 6 feet tall and they both can use it without any problems.

Can the seat be adjusted?

Yes, the seat adjustment height range is 29″ to 41″. You can also watch the above video to find out how to adjust the seat’s height.

Does the bike require assembly?

Yes, it requires you to assemble the bike, but if you don’t want to assemble the bike yourself, then you can pay a little extra more for someone to assemble it for you.

Is assembling the bike easy?

I think it is fairly easy because it took my family member to assemble the bike about 1 and a half hour. Seriously, I did time him.

What are the dimensions after it has been assembled?

The assembled dimensions for the bike are 45” x 25” x 47.5” according to the manual.

Where do I find the manual?

You can find the manual by clicking here. It does require adobe reader to open it.

See Price On Amazon

Updates: We are still using this bike for work outs and it is still in excellent condition. We have owned this bike since 2013 and that is 5 years passed already. I have to say this is the best fan bike we have ever owned.

It is well worth the money we have spent. The bike pictures and the video on this page are taken just recently. As you can see it is still in excellent condition.