Batman Booster Seat


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Batman Booster SeatTake a look at this Batman booster seat made by Kids Embrace. Isn’t it cool? Whose kids don’t want to have a superhero car seat instead of just a plain one?

Now Batman can actually protect your kids in real life instead of just in comics or tv shows. With this Batman car seat your baby can pretend all day long if you are on a road trip. Your kids’ friends might be jealous of your son having a cool Batman car seat.

A little information about the Batman booster car seat

It has two cupholders with built in belt guides. The cover is removeable and can be washed by machine. The weight limit for the harnessed booster is 22 to 65 pounds, and as for the booster car seat weight limit it is 30 to 100 pounds.

The booster seat is easy to install with latch connectors. The headrest has three adjustable positions. The recline has two positions and the crotch strap also has two positions. The Batman toddler booster car seat also uses an extended five point harness for safety.

Batman Booster Car Seat Review

This booster seat is fairly new in the market. It might have come out around April or earlier in 2013. Currently it has an average rating of 96% with over 35 customer reviews.

Only one user gives it a 60% rating. She says it is hard for her to reach the seat to buckle up. I think many booster seats are hard to do the buckle. I just taught my sons to do it themselves and checked to see if they did it correctly every time.

The rest of the customers are saying their son loves this booster seat and it makes them cool, and their friends also like it too. The car seat is very comfortable and sturdy. Click the check price button to read the actual reviews.

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