Baby Banana Toothbrush Reviews


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Baby Banana Toothbrush ReviewsWhen I was doing my online shopping I came across this Baby Banana toothbrush that I have to share with you today. It is so yellow and cute. I am betting your little one would look even more adorable when he or she is using it.

I might consider buying it for my relative’s baby shower this coming December. This will be her second baby and I am also planning to knit a pair of baby booties and a blanket for her baby. Well actually, I am half way to finishing the booties. I had a lot of trial and error. Finally, I was able to finish one. It is only for 0 to 3 months. I wish I have the bigger size pattern. Who knows, I might end up buying it.

Place To Buy The Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush

If you decided to buy this baby banana toothbrush, please buy it directly from Amazon and don’t buy it from other third party sellers because you don’t know which sellers are selling the real one. This product is made in both China and the United States. This toothbrush is pretty cheap at the time I am writing this post. To check the price click on the big picture below.

Buy Baby Banana Infant Training ToothbrushBuy at Amazon

I don’t recommend you getting the infant size toothbrush for your toddler. I believe a toddler already has a lot of teeth already, so they might chew on them. Don’t worry, the toothbrush is non toxic even if they swallowed it. They do have a toddler size baby banana toothbrush. If you need it, you can get it by clicking here.

What Is The Benefit Of This Toothbrush?

  • It can be just tossed into the dishwasher for easy clean up and it is freezer friendly.
  • You can use this toothbrush to train your little one to be ready for oral hygiene.
  • Your little one will be very happy to have something to play with other than their thumbs. 😛
  • This toothbrush is actually recommended by pediatric dentists and developed by a dental hygienist.
  • This is safer than your traditional toothbrushes.

Baby Banana Toothbrush Reviews

According to my research online, this baby banana toothbrush is very popular among consumers. A lot of them are giving it a very high mark ranking with their purchase. Most of them are either giving it a 100% or 80% rating.

Pros and Cons

Pros: It is cute, sturdy, easy to clean. It helps relieve the pain of teething. Some little ones won’t even go to sleep without it.

Cons: A lot of users are complaining it’s shipping from China and the quality is bad. Like I said before, buy directly from amazon. What I mean is amazon is being the seller and that should fix this issue, and besides the returning or exchanging is faster and easier.

I normally don’t buy things from other sellers from amazon unless amazon is out of stock and I really need that product or amazon is not selling that product.

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