His Side and Her Side Duvet Cover Bedding Set


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His Side and Her Side Duvet Cover Bedding Set

Don’t you think this his side and her side duvet cover bedding set is hilarious? When I first saw it, I was cracking up and have to share it with you guys.

That is pretty much the amount of space my hubby takes on his side of the bed. I still remember one time he fell on the floor from the bed.

When we start out sleeping, he usually has the amount of space of her side but by the middle of the night then he will have the his side amount of space.

That is because when I sleep I keep on pushing him over on his side without noticing it and eventually he fell flat on the floor.

When I think about it, it will make me laugh. Not to mention we were living in a second floor apartment. When he fell he made a very loud sound.

I bet the people who were living under us had no idea what that sound was. Lucky he didn’t get hurt from that fall. This happened a very long time ago but these days, that memory still brings a smile to my face.

Okay, let’s talk about this bedding set. This style of bedding set has two available bed sizes and they are king and queen sizes. It comes with 3 pieces.

It includes two pillow cases with measurements of 19 inches X 29 inches, and one duvet cover with measurement of 88 inches X 90 inches. These measurements are for the Queen size. You can find the king size by clicking here.

It is made with microfiber polyester material. Cleaning up can be in the washing machine, or you can hand wash it if you have the time.

If you need a bedding set and want a little humor in your bedroom then this is the bedding set you should go for.