Artificial Christmas Trees Made In USA


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Artificial Christmas Trees Made In USAAre you tired of buying Christmas trees that are made or imported from China? If so how about artificial Christmas trees made in USA?

Seriously, there are really not that many things that are made in America that I can find. Most of the items I bought from seeing the label are made from China. If I bought an item that is not made from China, I would play a guessing game with my family members. When I ask them where do you think this is made from and their first guess is always made from China. I found this game is very hilarious. You should give this game a try sometime.

I think having an artificial Christmas tree might be better comparing to having a real one, because an artificial one can be used many times and you will save more money from buying a real one. It is easier to put away for storage when it is not in use.

Most of the artificial ones look very realistic compared to a real one. A real Christmas tree can be used only one time and after that you would need to throw it away. It might also be a hassle to throw it away.

I have found two artificial Christmas trees that made in the United States from below. It might cost a little more than the others. You can find out more by clicking on the check price button.

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Artificial Christmas Trees Made In America price

New York Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

This is a 7 foot tall artificial Christmas tree. It weighs about 63 pounds with 3,249 branch tips. It is recommended for indoor use only.

The tree comes with a free metal stand and an extra carton for you to put away their panels in a natural shape.

Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree price

Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is also 7 foot tall. The price might cost more than the New York Fir Christmas tree. It does include a tree stand with a five year warranty.

The tree is a hook on construction. The shipping weight for this tree is 71 pounds. As of today October 25, 2013, it has about 8 available Christmas trees in stock.