Christmas Inflatable Bumble

Christmas Inflatable Bumble
Christmas Inflatable Bumble

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You will find several different sizes of Christmas inflatable Bumble such as 3, 3.5, and 5.6 feet, and the biggest available size showing on here is the 12 foot tall one. There are two different designs to select from for the 3.5 foot tall ones.

I tried to sort out the ones that I think are the best and have higher average ratings.

The one that has a higher average rating is usually likely to be a more satisfying purchase. This is how I usually shop with my purchases. You might also be interested in checking out some Inflatable Christmas Pigs.

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to have an inflatable that has a timer you can set to deflate itself every night? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about deflating it yourself and it would also help you to save some electricity. This would be such a cool feature to have in the future.

Reminder: By the way, these bumbles can sell out very quickly. If you see the kind that you like then you should go ahead and get it. It is fairly rare for them to be back in stock again once they are sold out.

12 Foot Bumble

Below is the one that is 12 feet tall. It is really tall and big. This design shows Bumble standing up and wearing a red Santa hat with a scarf on his neck. One of his hands is holding a shiny yellow star. He is also showing a big happy smiley face.

This one might not be a good idea to set up for indoor decoration. It is just too tall. It might not fit in your house unless you have a very high ceiling that is over 12 feet tall. So it is best to use this one for outdoor decoration.

This is made with polyester, iron, and plastic materials. The inflated measurement for this inflatable is 118.9 inches D x 74.8 inches W x 144.1 inches H. It includes everything required to set it up, like tethers and yard stakes to secure it in place.

It only takes seconds to inflate it. Deflating this for storage is easy too. If you are wondering, the power cord is 5 feet long. It should be long enough to plug into your outdoor house outlet.

Christmas Inflatable Bumble12 Feet Tall Bumble

Oh right, I almost forgot to mention this will also light up for nighttime viewing. Since it is so big with the internal lights on, the nighttime view is awesome.

Inflatable Bumble With Holding Star

The design for this one is almost the same as the above 12 foot one except for the size and he is sitting down instead of standing up. This one is only three feet tall and it does light up for nighttime viewing.

It doesn’t require any assembly other than plugging it into the outlet and staking it down to secure it. According to my research, if the light goes out it is possible to replace it. Others who own this style of Christmas inflatable Bumble have done it.

3 Feet Tall Airblown Bumble3 Feet Tall Airblown Bumble

Gemmy Inflatables Holiday Rudolph Pulling Santa-Bumble Sleigh

This is a cool looking design for a Christmas inflatable. It has three displayed characters, the famous Santa, Rudolph, and Bumble with the sleigh.

I wish I could ride on a sleigh when I was a little girl. It must be really fun to ride it. Too bad I missed riding one. Have you ever gotten on one before? I am just curious.

Anyway, this design is a little wide in width. It is about 8 feet in width, so be sure you have enough space to decorate it in your front yard. As for height, it is 5.6 feet tall.

The exact dimensions are 96 inches by 46 inches by 68 inches. To convert that into feet, it would be 8 feet by 3.8 feet by 5.6 feet. Will you be bringing this home to be in your front or back yard?

Gemmy Inflatables Holiday Rudolph Pulling Santa-Bumble SleighGemmy Inflatables Holiday Rudolph Pulling Santa-Bumble Sleigh

As you have seen from the above image, it does light up for nighttime view. You can see Rudolph has lit up in his body. It does have an electric fan at the base of the blowup.

Two Christmas Inflatable Bumbles 3.5 Feet

In this section, there are two different styles of air-blown Bumbles to choose from. Both of them are 3.5 feet tall. The top or left side one is wearing suspenders with a striped Santa hat.

The one on the bottom or right side is wearing a red Santa suit and a red hat with black boots. Both of them have big happy smiles on them.

It is kind of funny they don’t have any teeth showing in their mouths. Other Bumbles have big sharp teeth. Click the pictures or buy buttons to find out the current selling price.

3.5' Tall Bumble in Suspenders & Santa Hat3.5′ Tall Bumble in Suspenders & Santa Hat3.5' Tall Bumble In Santa Suit3.5′ Tall Bumble In Santa Suit

Tip: Try not to plug in your inflatable 24/7. Doing so might burn out the motor. Unplug it and let it rest every once in a while, like at night time. This way it might last longer and it might save a little bit of electricity.