Miele CM5200 Review


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Miele CM5200 ReviewThe Miele CM5200 countertop coffee system might be a good choice if you are a coffee lover. The Miele CM5200 coffee machine comes in black with some silver color. Both colors look pretty nice together.

The above video is showing a white colored coffee maker. I recommend you to watch it. It is always nice to see it in action. The shape of this coffee maker looks a little like my Dell CPU. It might weigh less though.

I like the smell and the look of coffee but I can’t drink it. If I do, it will keep me awake all night long and it will also gives me irregular heartbeats. So I am very jealous of those people who can drink it like drinking water. 😛 I do know some relatives who are kind of immune to coffee. They have to drink at least one cup of coffee a day to help them to get through the day.

One of my family members wants a coffee maker so badly and I think he would love to get this coffee machine. I do have to save up some money to be able to buy it and it might take me a while to do that. I think this machine might be worth the price if it can make coffee like Starbucks and other places.

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Buy Miele CM5200 Online

Miele CM5200 For Sale

Honestly, this coffee machine is kind of pricy. It is not your average family that can be able to afford it without sacrificing other things. The Miele CM5200 coffee machine does qualify for free shipping costs to the place where I am planning to buy it online. I do know most of the online retailers don’t offer free shipping. If you ask me where to buy it locally, I don’t know the answer to that.

Well, at least I will be able to save a little more and I do know they have some discount off compared with other online stores. If you are interested in how much it costs, you can click on either the picture or the check price button. You can click here for the white color if you don’t like the black one. To me it looks more like a silver color instead of white from the picture but the company is calling it white color.

Miele CM5200Miele CM5200 ReviewCheck Price On Amazon

Miele CM5200 Functionality And Details

Let’s take a look at what this coffee maker can do for you. Nothing is more important than to see if a certain product will be able to satisfy your preferences. Just to let you know, this coffee machine is not designed for commercial and outdoor use. It is intended for household use only.

  • You can select between four types of drinks to make, like Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, and Espresso. Which one is your favorite? I know my family member loves the Cappuccino kind.
  • It has a simple one touch button function where you can make either one or two cups at the same time and you can also double size the portions. This is pretty cool that you don’t have to wait to make another one for a guest or your partner to relax during the day.
  • There are two modes you can operate on the machine for energy usage. The Eco mode and the Comfort mode. The Eco mode is for saving energy. The machine will switch to Eco mode when it is not being used to prepare drinks for some time.
    When it is on Eco mode the “Switch on at” and Switch off at” timer functions are NOT available. If you need to use the two functions, you would have to select the Comfort mode. Do note the Comfort mode uses more energy than the Eco mode.
  • The amount of water can be programmed how much to pour per cup and you can set the water temperature to be either low, medium or high.
  • You can select the coffee strength per cup with the following selections: mild, normal and strong.
  • The water tank can hold up to 61 ounces of water. You can make about 7 cups of coffee if it is 8 ounces in each cup.
  • You can also make hot drinks like tea or hot cocoa with the built in handy hot water spout on the right side of the machine. All it takes is simply a push of a button.
  • The drip tray and waste container are removable for easy clean up and it is advised to clean the drip tray and waste container daily to avoid unpleasant smell.
    To clean the drip tray by hand use warm water with liquid dish soap. The waste container can be cleaned by either dishwasher or by hand. If you are washing it by hand, you need to use hot water and liquid dish soap.
  • The machine has a built-in cup warmer. You can pre heat the cups on top of the coffee machine. You might be asking why do I need to warm up the cups first before making the coffee, espresso and others?
    Well, it helps to develop and retain the flavor of the drinks. That means the drinks will taste much better. So every time you should pre heat your cups and make it a habit. Oh yeah, you can also pre heat glasses instead of cups. It can warm up three coffee cups or six espresso cups.
  • The coffee maker has a LCD display screen telling you the current status or action of the machine. It will also tell you when to empty the waste container and drip tray and tells you to refill water and coffee beans. Pretty nifty huh.
  • It comes with a matching stainless steel milk flask that is insulated. The flask is made with double walled sides to keep the milk cool up to 12 hours without compromising the quality and it can hold up to 16.9 oz of milk.
  • The height of the coffee spouts or dispensers can be adjusted to the level of the cups or glasses. As you know not all cups and glasses are made in the same size and height. So this makes it very convenient without having to buy certain kinds of cups or glasses. The adjustable height for the dual coffee spouts is 2.75 inch to 5.1 inch.
  • The machine has a ground coffee chamber. That means you can use ground coffee to make a decaffeinated coffee or espresso. But only one portion can be made per time when using ready ground coffee instead of beans.
    It only requires 1 scoop of ground coffee and you shouldn’t add more than one scoop. It comes with a scoop with the machine for accurate measurement. If you have changed your mind on not using ready ground coffee, but added it to the coffee chamber, it will automatically go to the waste container. So make your choice wisely without wasting ground coffee.
  • Did I mention you can lock the machine without your kids messing with it? Once it is locked the machine won’t dispense any drinks. You can also temporarily deactivate the lock system when you need to make a drink. Once you are done with the drink and turn the machine off then the machine will be locked again.
  • You will be able to adjust the grinder setting with the kind of coffee that you are using. For example, if the ground coffee comes out too coarse or fine, then you can be able to readjust the setting with the grinder control to make it to ground correctly.
  • If you are as lazy as me then you will love this built in automatic cleaning system feature. when every time the machine is shut off, it will automatically clean its milk pipework with the water from the integrated tank. Of course you can also do a manual clean up too.
  • It provides you a water strip to test the hardness of the water level in your house for the best setting on the machine.
  • You can set the time of 12 hours or 24 hours and the language. The default language setting is either English or German.


These are the following items included with the coffee maker. I do recommend buying additionally the following items if you don’t want to manually wash the parts. Click here to get more cleaning tables and de-scaling tablets. You can click here for the cleaning agent for the milk pipework.

  • Cleaning tablets
  • Scoop for ground coffee
  • De-Scaling tablets

Parts To Be Cleaned by Hand/Dishwasher

It is recommended to clean all parts by hand even though some of the following parts are safe to be washed by dishwasher. The more times you clean these parts in the dishwasher it will cause them to be discolored with food residue, like tomatoes for example.

These parts need to cleaned by hand only.

  • Drip tray
  • Brew unit
  • Stainless steel milk flask
  • Coffee bean container lid

These parts are safe to be cleaned by dishwashers.

  • Drip tray cover
  • Waste container
  • Water container
  • Integrated cappuccinatore with milk tube

Miele CM5200 Review

According to my research people who have used this coffee maker are extremely happy. They love the great taste of the coffee this machine makes. This is a very high end coffee maker for serious coffee lovers.

The product claims it will make 50,000 cups of top quality coffee for the next 20 years. Now that is a lot of coffee you can drink for the next 20 years. Not to mention you will save more time and money without having to stop by the coffee shop.

Some are saying this coffee machine makes even better tasting coffee than the coffee shop. You may never know, your friends might stop by your house just to have a taste of that coffee.

Pros And Cons

Pros: The user manual is easy to understand and the machine is easy to use with all these extra features. The best part of the system is the machine is able to clean itself and of course you can manually clean it with the easy take out parts. The machine is quiet when it is operating and the result is excellent.

Cons: You won’t be able to use large travel mugs because they won’t fit and you can’t use coffee beans that have been treated with caramel, sugar and other substances. Please ONLY use roasted espresso or coffee beans in the container. It is pricey, but it is worth its price tag.

Buy at Amazon

Bottom line: I would definitely go for this coffee machine if I had enough money to buy it, after all the research I have done on finding the best coffee machine. This machine is going to look really nice on my counter.

I also recommend you to get it, if you have the money. Sometimes, what you pay for is what you get. I think my family member is going to go nuts to receive this coffee machine. It is going to be a surprise for a Christmas or birthday gift. 😛

Warranty, Dimensions and Manual

The Miele CM5200 espresso coffee machine comes with a one year standard warranty and if you want two years of warranty, it requires you to do a product registration.

I know it is a hassle to do a product registration, but getting an additional year warranty with the price of this coffee machine is worth it. If you think two years are still not enough coverage, then you can go for the five years optional extended warranty. Just to let you know there is a fee for the extended warranty.

The dimensions for the coffee maker are 10.5″ wide x 14.5″ high x 19.5″ deep and it weighs about 24 pounds. If you need the Miele CM5200 user manual, you can get it by clicking here. Thank you for reading my Miele CM5200 review. I hope it helps you to make a better decision.