Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46 Review


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Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46 Review

Hi guys and gals. Today, I am going to write an EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 review. I know what it’s like trying to find the best sunscreen for your face. I am not joking, it took me like 7 years to find my favorite sunscreen. I started using sunscreen when I was around 16 years old because of the facial regimen that I was using required me to use sunscreen.

For those earlier years I had been using many over the counter SPF 15 sunscreens and I didn’t like them one bit. Many of them made my face oily and greasy. The thing I hated the most is all of them made my eyes burn so badly that it caused them to have tears at the end of the day.

I was recommended this sunscreen by my dermatologist when I was breaking out badly. I am serious, my whole face was full of acne and it hurt so bad with the big ones. Luckily I am 100 percent clear of acne now. I did suffer having acne for most of my teens and even in my 20s.

I didn’t take any of the Accutane pills. I did take antibiotics for about 6 months and I stopped taking them because I found out what is causing me to have break outs. I would never have thought beef would make me break out so bad, but once I took beef out of my diet I became clear, and I am so happy that I no longer have to deal with it. If you are having acne problems you should pay attention to what you are eating.

At first I didn’t believe food can actually cause you to have break outs but after what I have experienced I have no choice but to believe it. I also have confirmed it with my dermatologist, and she said certain kinds of food can cause you to have more break outs.

Okay, enough about my acne story. Let’s talk more about my favorite sunscreen, the Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46. I was asking my dermatologist if I could just keep using the current SPF 15 sunscreen because I didn’t want to buy another bottle of sunscreen while I still had a full bottle of Olay SPF 15 sunscreen.

She said the SPF 15 sun screen didn’t have enough coverage while I was taking the antibiotics and using the facial cream because the pills and cream make your skin very sensitive to the sun. So I had no choice but to make the purchase. I am so glad that I made the purchase because I am loving it so much.

The Benefits Of Using This Sunscreen

  • First of all, this sunscreen is recommended by dermatologists. Wouldn’t you go with products that are recommended by a professional?
  • It is an SPF 46 which means you will have a stronger sunscreen protection from UVA/UVB rays. By comparison an SPF 15 is nothing, but that is the minimum you need for protection from the sun.
  • You can use this sunscreen under makeup or alone with your daily regimen. As for me I use it alone without makeup other than lipstick. I also don’t advise you to use makeup if you currently have acne.
  • The sunscreen is oil free formulated and so light weight that it leaves no residue like other sunscreens on the top layer of your skin.
  • It has no odor or smell and I think that is a very good idea because not everyone is going to like the same fragrance.
  • It is especially designed for sensitive and acne prone skin but it can also be used for all kinds of skin types. For example, my sister doesn’t have acne and she is using it now.
  • Did I mention this sun screen is not only fragrance free, it is paraben-free, sensitivity free and also it is noncomedogenic.
  • The sunscreen is mineral based.

Where Do I Buy Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 AT The Best Price?

Some of you might be asking where to buy the Elta MD SPF 46 sunscreen? That is a really good question. To buy this SPF 46 sunscreen you would have to go to your dermatologist because you can’t just buy it over the counter from your local store.

It requires you to see your dermatologist first to be able to buy it. The reason they are doing that is because the company wants your dermatologist to monitor your progress while you are using their products.

Here is the good news: I have found out you can actually buy this sunscreen online and without having to go to see your dermatologist. And on top of that the price is cheaper online than from the dermatologist. I had to pay $30.00 for a bottle from my dermatologist and I also had to pay $50.00 for the visit.

My total spent on that day was close to $100.00 because I also bought a cleanser. It is pretty pricy for the whole trip, right? To get the best price for the Elta MD SPF 46 sunscreen click the picture on the right.

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Where Can You Get Samples?

Okay, I can understand you want to try some samples first before you buy it. The only way to get a sample is through your dermatologist. I didn’t ask for a sample of the Clear SPF 46.

I did ask for a sample of the EltaMD Renew Eye Gel because I do have some puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. I have had pretty good results with the eye gel. You can click here to read more about it.

I just bought the SPF 46 along with a cleanser made by the same company. The EltaMD Facial Cleanser is a very good combination with the sun screen. I also use the sun screen as a moisturizer.

Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 Review

This is the best sunscreen I have ever used in my entire life and I am never ever going to change it. This sun screen doesn’t cause my eyes to burn at all. My face doesn’t feel greasy, or look shiny or oily. I have been using it for almost three years and I still love it.

Recently, I recommended it to one of my sisters who was using a $300.00 facial system kit. After she had tried the Elta MD 46 I gave her, she requested me to buy two bottles of this sunscreen for her. Not to mention I have helped her to save some money on her other sunscreen.

I did ask her if she had stinging in her eyes with other sunscreens. She also had the same experience as I did but not anymore. If she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t be asking me to buy two bottles for her to use it.

The average rating for this sun screen giving by others are very high. I am also giving it a 100% rating. The Elta MD  SPF 46 has 1.7 ounces in a bottle. It lasts me for about 6 months before I need to buy another bottle.

Pros: It doesn’t make my eyes burn or sting like other sun screens. My face don’t look greasy, oily or shiny when I am using it. It also doesn’t cause me to have break outs.

Cons: You can’t buy the product if you don’t go to your dermatologist and the price costs almost $10 more than buying it online. Just to let you know, comparing this sunscreen with other over the counter sun screen products, it does cost a little more.

Bottom line: To me it is very well worth the price. This is the best sun screen I could ever ask for. Just give it a try. I highly recommend it to others. Click here to check current selling price.