Pineapple Shaped Cups With Straw


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Pineapple Shaped Cups With Straw

Speaking of pineapples, I have these pineapple shaped cups to share with you today. Don’t they look neat and beautiful? They look exactly like the design of a pineapple.

You can get it in copper color. It is made with stainless steel and copper materials.

It can hold up to 12 ounces of beverages. You can use it to hold cocktail drinks too but I don’t think I can use it for cocktail drinks because I can’t have any drinks containing alcohol.

The things I can use them for is holding water, juice and soda with ice in them. It still looks pretty neat and worth it to buy for me. Maybe, I will use it to make my own version of cocktail drinks without any alcohol. LOL……….

I found out this mug can keep your drink cold much longer than a normal cup while searching information about this mug. That is pretty nice to hear.

Are you like me, and like your cold drinks to last longer? I usually can’t drink my drinks in one go. I like to enjoy the taste of my drinks a little bit longer. 😛

This beautiful mug is handcrafted. The picture is showing two mugs but it comes with only one. If you need two you would have to buy 2 in quantity. It looks much nicer with a pair.

One for you and the other for your partner or guest. You can use the included straw to enjoy your drink or not. It is entirely up to you. I prefer with the straw.

Note: Be very careful with the top sharpened part of the mug. You might get hurt if you are not being careful. It is possible you can get hurt with a real pineapple too if you are not being careful?

You can’t put it in the microwave to heat up drinks or put it in a dishwasher for cleaning. It isn’t designed to be able to do those two things just mentioned.

Cleaning up for this cup is not that hard since the straw is removable and the cup is able to open apart. Just hand wash it like the rest of your items.