Funny Pants Down Butler Toilet Paper Holder


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Funny Pants Down Butler Toilet Paper HolderTalk about embarrassments! This funny pants down butler toilet paper holder meets the criteria. Will you be placing one of them in your guest bathroom? If you do, you will certainly surprise all of your guests.

This item is just too darn funny. I had to show it to my son and hubby. My hubby didn’t say anything but my son did find it funny and was laughing. If I get one of these, I most likely will place it in the guest bathroom, because I like sharing funny things.

Besides, my other two bathrooms are too small to put it there. Our guest bathroom is the biggest when comparing with the other two and this bathroom has no shower. It only has a toilet, sink and a storage room to put away extra hand towels and toilet paper.

This toilet paper holder is 41 inches tall, 10 inches deep and 10 inches wide. That is like 3.42 feet tall and it is not made with ceramic or plastic materials if you are wondering.  It is made with cold cast resin with a hand paint job. This item makes an excellent house warming party gift.

The holder can hold up to two bathroom tissue rolls. You can put two rolls on the plunger which is on the butler’s head as a back up and the other one on the butler’s hand to be used.

If you take a closer look at this figure, he is a butler with his left hand’s finger covering his nose with a sad face. At first I though he was poking his nose, but he is only covering his nose instead.

Obviously, he doesn’t want to smell what is in the bathroom when it is being used. I don’t blame him. LOL….. I don’t get the point of his pants being down though. Maybe he needs to use it sometimes.

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His hat is pretty funny. Who would have used a plunger for a hat, right? Would you wear it? LOL…… His right hand is holding the toilet roller and is waiting for you to fill it if it is empty. Do you know this butler wears eyeglasses? Yes, it does come with a pair of glasses.

I totally agree, a butler’s job is never finished. He even has to hold your toilet paper 24 hours and 7 days a week if you bring it home.

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Here is another one that is 43 inches tall. Maybe you would like to get one that is a little bigger, and it is a little slightly different.

Here is another one that is 32 inches tall. The 41 inches tall is currently NOT available.