Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Costume


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Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Costume
Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Costume

If your kid wants something a little scary for Halloween then try the pumpkin head scarecrow costume. I will give you two available designs to choose from. Both costumes are available in kids sizes.

I hope these costumes won’t give your kids nightmares. LOL…… Nah, we believe your kids will have a lot of fun wearing this costume on Halloween and I bet he or she will have a lot of compliments. It is a thumbs up for the costume. A kid has even won a costume contest from the below design.

To me these Halloween costumes can be worn by either gender. Once you have put on the mask and hood, you can’t even tell from a boy or girl. Don’t you agree?

In terms of reviews, both costumes have very high average ratings. If I have to choose one from these two items I would most likely pick the first one.

It has more available sizes to choose from and it looks a lot scarier since the robe is more in black color. And being scarier is the main goal for a Halloween cosplay, right?

1. Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Kids Costume

This is the design I am talking about where a kid has won a costume contest. The look of this outfit is pretty spooky, especially the pumpkin on the face. Your kid will scare the heck out of others if he or she is walking in dark places for Halloween.

Anyway, this design includes the following items:

  • Robe
  • Pair of Black Gloves
  • Hood With Collar
  • Bobble Eye Mask
  • Rope Belt

If you are wondering how you can see when you are wearing the mask, it has an opening to see through on the mouth on the pumpkin. Those bobble eyes on the mask are to fool you.

Pumpkin Head Scarecrow CostumeCheck Price

Last time I checked this item, size 4/6, size 8, size 12 and size 14/16 are available for purchase. Today’s date is June 4, 2020, as of checking. Please note quantity is subjected to change if this is a very popular outfit.

You can check its current selling price by clicking the above picture. If you do decide to buy this item for your kid be sure to check its measurement. You should get the size that fits your kid most comfortably.

2. Scary Scarecrow Pumpkin Bobble Head Costume

Here is another pumpkin design outfit. This one looks just as good as the above one, but I believe the above is a lot more popular.

The robe for this one is brown color and uses the rope as a belt to tie around the waist and neck.

The pumpkin mask is just as spooky as the above one. The mouth looks bigger though.

The outfit includes the following:

  • Brown Hood
  • 2 ropes – one for collar and the other for the belt.
  • Evil Pumpkin Mask
  • Robe or costume
  • Scarecrow Gloves

The design for this one is the same as the above to use the mouth to see where you are going when you are wearing the mask.

Last time I checked the only available size for this one is a large size for age 10 to 12 years old. Too bad not that many options are available in sizes that are in stock.