The Best Back Scratcher


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Best Back Scratcher

I think the picture on the left is the best back scratcher I have found so far. It is big when comparing with the rest of the other ones. That is good since it can cover more scratching areas on your back.

It looks kind of funny in a way. It is kind of like a rake to gather all the leaves together. You might get laughed at when you are using it at a place like at work.

But when you have an itch you wouldn’t care that much about it. At that moment all you care about is getting rid of that itch.

This will be very handy for my loved one. If I get him this then I wouldn’t have to scratch his back anymore. It is a pain to do it for him every time and I don’t know which location it is.

This back scratcher has 15 tines to scratch your back for you. The measurement is 7.5 inches Wide x 20 inches Length. It might not be that easy to carry it around with you like putting it in your bag since it is not possible to fold it. It is still lightweight to hold in your hands though.

The price might be a little higher than other back scratchers. That is because it is bigger and it is made in the US.