Pac Man Suit And Tie


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Pac Man Suit and Tie

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Pac Man fans take a look at this awesome Pac Man suit with tie. Would you be brave enough to wear it to a Mardi Gras or Halloween event party?

I don’t mind wearing a matching Pac Man dress to attend one of the events like this one. Maybe, my hubby would like to wear this to a Halloween party. After all, he is a fan of Pac Man. We still have a lot of Pac Man video games from all kinds of systems and some movies too.

This suit is available in different sizes but some of them are in limited stock. So if you are planning to get it, then you should buy it while it is still available. If not, it might not available for some time. Be sure to look at the size chart to see if it fits you if you are planning to buy it. You don’t want to buy the wrong size.

I recommend you to take a look at the below sizes chart instead of the one where they are selling it. That size chart might not be accurate. The below chart is from the company who made this suit.

Pac Man Size Chart For The Suit

This chart is only for men and I hope it is helpful.

Pac Man sizes chart


The rating for this suit is pretty high so far.

Pros: Looks nice. Good price. Gets a lot of compliments.

Cons: The measurement size is not accurate. That is because they are not looking at the size chart from above.