Nature Made Triple Flex Review


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Nature Made Triple Flex reviewI have a Nature Made Triple Flex review for you to read if you are searching for one. This supplement is excellent for your bones and joints.

There are many people who are taking this supplement, but of course you should always consult your doctor first before taking any supplements. Even with over the counter supplements you should always check the label on the box to see if it has any ingredients that might make you have an allergic reaction.

The Naturemade Triple Flex supplement does have a glucosamine ingredient and glucosamine is made from crab shells. To have a better view of the label box, please click on the picture below on the right. If you are allergic to crabs and shrimp then you shouldn’t take it. I know my brother is allergic to crabs. Whenever he eats them his whole face turns red with spots and it also itches.

How Did My Mom Come To Take This Supplement?

Nature Made Triple Flex LabelWell, here is my story of how my mom started to take NatureMade Triple Flex. My mom was having pain on one of her feet and she couldn’t walk at all. She had this pain under her foot for a while. The first time she had an injection from the doctor for treatment was like two to three years ago. After the injection she could walk but she still had a slightly mild pain in the foot.

And then that unbearable pain came back in July 2013. She once again went back to see the doctor with the same problem on that foot. This time I believe the doctor said she had a heel spur and he would give her a pair of comfortable shoes to wear. I don’t think my mom went with the shoes for the treatment.

She ended up with another injection again but before that I told her to give this supplement a try first because one of my friend’s dad had the same problem as my mom and he said TripleFlex helps him tremendously with his foot. He’s been taking it for a very long time now. My friend said it’s been about 2 to three years now.

My mom took another injection because she wanted fast relief due to the supplement needs 4 to 6 weeks before noticing the results. I thought she had given up on taking the supplement because she told me she had another injection on the phone but I didn’t know she was continuing to take it. I just found out this week.

Where To Buy NatureMade Triple Flex

My friend told me that I can buy supplement at Costco, but the only problem is I don’t have a membership with them and besides I don’t live in the same state as my mom. So I started searching where I can be able to buy this supplement other than Costco.

I ended up buying the Nature Made Triple Strength Triple Flex in caplet form at amazon. I just shipped the item to my mom with her address. You don’t need Nature Made Triple Flex coupons to buy it. It is not that expensive. If I can buy it for my mom, you can too and besides, if you have a membership with Costco, you can buy it much cheaper.

Benefits Or Descriptions

  • The Nature Made Triple Flex Triple Strength supplement contains the most three important ingredients and they are glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane. Glucosamine which is essential to maintaining and renewing cartilage and joints, Chondroitin absorbs fluid into the cartilage to keep it healthy, and as for MSM, it is a natural pain reliever that soothes aching joints and provides relief from inflammation and arthritis.
  • It has no artificial ingredients added and it is starch, yeast, and gluten free.
  • All 3 ingredients are combined into 1 caplet that can be taken twice a day, together or separately. It is best to take it with food.
  • The bottle contains 120 caplets that lasts for two months.

Nature Made Triple Flex Review

Honestly, at first I didn’t really believe Nature Made Tripleflex would actually help. I mean a supplement is not actually prescribed by a doctor but I’ve known my friend a long time and she wouldn’t recommend me something that is not going to work. I am very glad that I took her word for it and now my mom can walk freely without any pain in her foot.

I am giving it 5 stars because my mom likes it a lot and it gives her very good results. She’s almost finished her first bottle and one bottle can last for 2 months if you are taking two caplets a day. My mom is asking me to buy more for her.

I might consider signing up the auto shipment for every two months because I don’t want her to run out. The people who bought NatureMade TripleFlex from amazon also give it a very high rating as well. You can click here to read more reviews.

If you are wondering how old my mom is, she is in her 70s. Below are the pros and cons according to my mom’s words.

Pros: She is able to walk without any pain in her foot and she also mentioned she has less back and joint pains.

Cons: She feels dizzy when taking two caplets all at once. She is fine when she split the caplets after meals, like taking one caplet after breakfast and one after dinner. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to notice the results. Customers are saying the pill is big but you can break the pill into half if you are having trouble swallowing it. I asked my mom and she said she doesn’t have any problem swallowing it.