Pink John Deere Boots For Women


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John Deere Boots For WomenHave you seen some pink John Deere boots for women before? Well, the boots are not exactly all in pink. They are more like half pink and half tan.

I think they look much better when they combine two colors. The exact title for these boots is called John Deere Women’s Wellington Boot. So the model for this style of boot is Wellington and it is made available in five different colors.

The color name is Tan/Pink which is the picture above, Tan/Camo, Walnut, Brown and Tan/Green. You can see all the colors for the John Deere cowgirl boots from the pictures below. Note not all sizes and colors are available to be bought. It is depending on if they have the colors in the size you want.

To buy the John Deere Boots, just click the check price button or the picture from below. From there you can select between the sizes and color styles. If you don’t like this style of John Deere boots then you can click here for all kinds of John Deere boots for ladies.

John Deere Women's Wellington Boot

Which color is your favorite? Do you wear boots a lot? As for me I love wearing boots. I wear my boots almost every day even in the summer. My sister thinks I am nuts for wearing boots in the summer especially in the hot weather. It really doesn’t bother me that much. Besides, I always have cold feet. I like to keep my feet warm.

I don’t have a pair of pink John Deere boots but would like to have a pair some day. I just bought a black pair of boots recently from Sears on black Friday. They were on sale and I couldn’t resist buying it. I think I have saved about $20.00 from that purchase. I am still getting used to the new pair of boots.

John Deere Women’s Wellington JD3285 Boot Description & Review

A little information about this style of John Deere cowgirl boots. The boots are made with high quality and durable leather and fabric to last for a while. Here are the measurements for the heel, shaft, platform and the boot opening. These measurements are approximate. The heel is 1 1/4 inch, shaft is 10 inch from the arch, platform is 3/4 inch and the boot openings are 12 inches around.

Average Online Rating For The Boots is : 90%

Most of the customers are saying they love the boots and they are very comfortable to wear. Nothing is more important than having a pair of comfortable shoes to wear. I remember I had a pair of shoes that hurt my feet really bad, even both of my big toe nails got off. I was worrying if my toe nails would grow back and lucky they did.

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