Three Way Candy Dispenser


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Three Way Candy Dispenser

Oh wow, a three way candy dispenser. How convenient is that? I am pretty sure we all love more than one type of candy right? I love eating nuts, m&ms, skittles and a lot more. LOL…. Yes, I do have a sweet tooth.

This thing is a very good idea. Here is why I think this is a very great idea.

First, you can hold all of your favorite candies in one place. No need to go back and forth to get your other candies or nuts when you are tired of eating the same kind of candy.

Second, your candies won’t become stale that fast. Third,  it keeps the bugs away. Fourth, it is easier to access it than the candies from the original bags.

Fifth, no other hands will touch that candy once it is storage in the dispenser. I am pretty sure you don’t want others to touch the same candies and eat them, right? That can prevent spreading of germs.

Sixth, it is a great way of serving your sweet treats to your guests. Seventh, kids usually love a candy dispenser and they don’t have to pay up like a real dispenser. LOL…….. I can honestly tell you my son will love it. Okay, that is all I can think of for the benefits of owning one of these.

Now let’s talk a little bit about this dispenser. This dispenser is obviously made with plastic and in the color of bright red. It is easy to spot. The bottom or the base can rotate in 360 degrees for easy access to your other kinds.

The top or cover is removable for easy filling and refilling candies. Another thing I would like to mention, the older candies get eaten first, then the newer ones. That way the old ones won’t become stale.