Warwickshire Dragon Glass Topped Coffee Table


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Warwickshire Dragon Glass Topped Coffee Table

If you are a dragon collector then you should add this Warwickshire dragon glass topped coffee table to your collection.

This is one of the Design Toscano designs. It looks awesome and exquisite. I think this table will be a hit for a Halloween party decoration.

You will get a lot of compliments with its look and detailed features. Even someone who is against dragons said it looks beautiful.

The glass on the top is in an oval shape, not a circle shape, and the design of this dragon is kneeling down to service you as its master and your guests.

The dimensions for this table are 39 inches Wide x 22 inches Depth x 18 inches Height and weighs about 52 pounds. It doesn’t need professional installation.

A normal average person can do just fine with its set up. The suction cups will hold the glass in place with the dragon. It is high quality made with resin and it is hand casted.

Note: Be a little careful if you have a baby or toddler around your house with this table. The dragon might have sharp points on its body that might hurt your little ones.

I wouldn’t let your little ones near it at all for safety precautions. You know how it goes with little babies and toddlers. They like to explore all kinds of things without knowing if that item might hurt them or not.