Best Ceramic Handbag Cookie Jars


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Best Ceramic Handbag Cookie Jars

Guess what ladies? You can actually bring your fashion to your kitchen with theses handbag cookie jars.

Aren’t they adorable? Not only will you have a place to store your cookies or candies but it will look great on your kitchen counter as well.

It is kind of like you are having a fashion show, but in the kitchen instead. How cool is that?

Did I tell you all the ones listed on here are made of ceramic material and I think they are the best looking ones that I can find from my search.

You really don’t have to limit using it in the kitchen. Some others are using it to store their special treats in their office. Your clients might not even able to tell the differences between a real purse or a cookie jar.

Some others are really using the jars to store their girly items as a real purse like storing nail clippers, scissors, tweezers and any other small items that can fit in.

The cookie jar from the above is called the Black and White Handbag Cookie Jar with Gold Buckle and it is my favorite.

Handbag Ceramic Decorative Jars Set

Maybe you might like to go with this style of handbag jar. It looks really realistic and very pretty. It is in navy color and it is a set.

You can use the big one for cookies and the mini one for mints or nuts. You can pretty much use it to store anything that can fit in it.

Do note, it is not recommended to wash it in a dishwasher and can not be put in a microwave to heat up your food. If it gets dirty, you should hand wash it.

Be very careful when handling it, so it won’t break. That usually happens when it falls on the floor.

You might be able to check out other available designs when you click either the photos or the check price buttons. The other designs look nice too. These two happen to be my favorite ones, so I’m sharing them here.