Hansa Plush Life Size Great Dragon


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Hansa Plush Life Size Great DragonWould you like to have a Hansa Plush Life Size Great Dragon? If you are a collector, you might want to consider it. This dragon is realistic looking and is handcrafted individually.

The dragon is eight feet tall and 9.5 feet long and its quality is heirloom. The weight is 132 pounds. You might need more than two people to move it. This item does qualify for free shipping, but I think most of us won’t be able to afford it.

I can already tell you I can’t afford it no matter how much I want it and besides I don’t have room to put it. I know there are people who can afford it. After all, this is a cool looking dragon even though there are no dragons in this world. If you are curious about the price do click on the check price button below to find out.

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