Raggedy Ann Dolls


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Raggedy Ann DollsToday, I would like to share a wonderful and cute Raggedy Ann doll with you. I have known my in laws for a while and just now I found out my mother in law handmade this doll by herself.

She must have been keeping it a secret from us so that we wouldn’t mess with it. LOL…… Just kidding. We only found out she made one when we were talking about the Raggedy Ann and Andy show. What a surprise! She had made this doll 30 years ago and it is in perfectly good condition.

My youngest son obviously loves the doll. He puts it on the baby rocking chair so that I can take a picture of it. And every once in awhile he will refer back to the below picture I took from the Iphone. Yeah, I know it is kind of funny to see him doing that.

I think my mother in law is a very creative and kind person. She knows how to knit, sew and cook. She always bakes me my favorite cake on my birthday. Yeah, I am very lucky to have her as my mother in law.

Handmade Raggedy Ann DollIf you want to buy one of the Raggedy Ann dolls for yourself or for someone as a gift, then you can click here. The doll for sale may not look the same as the one my mother in law made but it still looks like Raggedy Ann.

This 16 inch doll has a pretty good price. If you make it yourself the materials cost more than that price already, not to mention the time you would have to put into it. I don’t know how much my in law paid for the materials but she did tell me that she had put many hours into making it.