Super Mario Bros. Monopoly Board Game


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Super Mario Bros Monopoly Board Game

You should check out this Super Mario Bros. monopoly board game if you are a big fan of Mario and love playing monopoly.

I still remember the first time playing the monopoly board game while I was still in elementary school.

It was so much fun and new to me. It was not the Mario Bros edition though. It was just the plain old classic one.

We had owned two version of monopoly board games. The first one is the Classic. The second one is the Pokemon edition.

My in laws have the Star Wars edition in their home and the kids love playing it when we go there for a visit.

I might also buy this version for my kids since my youngest son broke the other two versions. Besides, my kids are big fans of Mario. We own a lot of Mario items.

My kids will be very surprised to get this version for Christmas. It just looks so cute. How can I possibly resist? This is a great game to spend some time with your kids and teach them about money and buying properties. Wish that we were rich enough to buy that many properties. LOL……………

If you or your family have never played monopoly before, you should give it a try. It is very fun. It is recommended for the ages of 8 and up. It can be played with up to 6 players.

Of course it requires two players to play a game and it will take a long time to finish just one game. Weekends and holidays are the best time to play.

It comes with 6 tokens and they are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Super Mushroom, 1 Up Mushroom and Toad. The poles and castles are replacement for the hotels and houses.

The castles are for the hotels and the poles are for the house. Fun isn’t it? I would love a castle instead of a hotel. LOL………….