Tea Making Alarm Clock


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Tea Making Alarm Clock

If you are having trouble waking up in the morning and love drinking tea then this bedside tea making alarm clock will come in handy for you.

The teapot is not limited only to making tea. You can use it to make instant coffee if you prefer.

The teapot can hold up to 20 ounces of water which means you can make two cups of tea.

One for you and the other one can be for your partner. The pot is made with ceramic material by the brand of Swan and it is in white color. It will look very nice in your bedroom.

The alarm will go off when the water boiling is completed. So you will get to have hot tea when you first wake up. No need to go to the kitchen and start boiling water. That might take a little bit of time for the water to be hot when using the stove.

This alarm clock making tea will certainly save you a lot of time every morning. All you have to do is set the time when you want to wake up and pour the amount of water required into the tank before you go to sleep and you will have tea ready for you.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to add the tea of course. You can use loose tea or teabags, but teabags are a better option since the teapot doesn’t have a strainer. The tea or teabag should go into the teapot.

This all in one tea making alarm clock has a flat lid surface on the top. You can use that spot to set the cups.

If you decided not to have tea for a certain day then you can just use the alarm only choice button. There are two choices on the clock for setting buttons.

One is for tea and alarm clock and the other is alarm clock only. Of course both choices have an off button.

Just to let you know, you might not know where you can adjust the current time and alarm. It is inside the flat lid where you can place your cups. You would have to remove the lid to be able to adjust the clock and alarm.

There are knobs for the adjustments. You should adjust the clock first then the alarm. It is pretty easy to use.

Just don’t forget to add tea and water into the Teasmade or the tea making clock every night before you go to sleep if you want to have tea for the next morning.