Batman Cookie Jar For Sale


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Batman Cookie Jar For Sale
Batman Cookie Jar For Sale

Are you a Batman fan and looking for a Batman cookie jar for sale? In this post, I will give you three different styles to select from. Three of these Batman shaped cookie jars are made of ceramic material. It makes an excellent gift to be given to others who love Batman.

Having a cookie jar is a good way to store away your cookies. It will keep your cookies away from dust and bugs, and at the same time it will keep your cookies fresh much longer.

These jars not only keep your cookies fresh, but it can also be used for counter decorations. Your kids will love it.

Blue Color Batman Shaped Jar

This is not your normal looking Batman. It is a little different with its blue color costume. It is a lot better in looks than the below black color one.

The measurements for this Batman jar are about 10.5 inches by 9 inches wide, 11 inches tall including the lid which is the head. You can also get this design by clicking here from amazon.

You should hand wash this item only. It can’t be put in a dishwasher for cleaning and it is an official licensed product. It includes the lid and the jar.

Please note last time I have checked this blue style Batman from the below big image, it was low in stock. It might be out of stock if you are checking it.

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Black Color Batman Jar

This Batman has a standard looking costume outfit. Well, this is the normal one I usually see in the movies when he is fighting crime. This one shows his muscular side with this arms folded. It looks kind of cool.

The measurements for this item are about 13.6 inches for Height, 12.0 inches for Length and the Width is 10.0 inches. Both lid and jar are included.

Whole Batman Cookie Jar

This one looks like an action figure. Would you have guessed it if I didn’t tell you it is actually a cookie jar instead? I am betting your guests won’t know it is a cookie jar. They might be asking you, are you collecting action figures of Batman? LOL……

This item is about 13 inches tall and it is not microwaveable. It is recommended to be hand washed for clean up. The selling price is a little higher than the above two jars while I am writing this post.

This is made with high quality ceramic material.

Which one of these is your favorite? Will you be bringing one home today?