Fossil CE1010 Ceramic Watch Review


Fossil CE1010

The Fossil CE1010 ceramic watch looks sleek and fashionable. It will look good with any kind of clothes that you wear from causal to formal type.

See the Fossil ceramic watch on youtube from above. It might be better to see it on video than just only pictures. No doubt this is a great ceramic watch.

The ceramic watch is designed for ladies and not for gentlemen. If you like you can read the review by clicking the hyper link in the Fossil CE1010 Review section.

We can’t go anywhere without having a beautiful watch to tell us the time. Okay, it doesn’t have to be beautiful, but we do need a watch to tell time if we want to be punctual. If you are not punctual, other people might think you are annoying because they always have to wait for you, and also our job is depending on it.

Having a beautiful watch helps to enhance our dressing appearance. Who can refuse a little enhancement to our looks? If you are having a special day with your loved one, like a date, party, or anniversary, this Fossil ceramic watch is perfect for the time and appearance.

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Fossil CE1010 Watch For Sale

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Ceramic Watch Features and Details

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The Fossil ceramic watch can do more than just tell you the time. It is an analog multifunction ceramic watch. Some of the features of this watch you might like to take a look at before making your decision.

  • It is water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters. That is a lot of feet. If you like to swim a lot then this is a great watch for it.
  • It has three cool looking sub dials on the watch’s face showing you the date, week, day, and 24 hour time.
  • The dial window is protected by the mineral crystal material which its supposed to create an unusual hardness to protect it from scratches.
  • The bezel of the watch is made out of ceramic and so is the bracelet or wrist band for holding the watch.
  • The watch comes with a case to store the watch when it is not being used. The case size is 40 millimeters and case thickness is 13 millimeters.
  • The shape of the watch is round.
  • The band width is 20 millimeters and with women’s standard length.
  • The year model for this ceramic watch is 2011, and as for the model number it is CE1010.
  • The ceramic watch has analog quartz movement.

Fossil CE1010 Review

This Fossil watch received a very high average rating. 94% of users are very happy with this watch. There are a few users who are not happy with their purchase. The ones who are not happy with their purchase is due to defects by the manufacturer and a user who dropped it three feet on the tile floor and it broke.

Be prepared to get a lot of compliments when you are deciding to get this Fossil ceramic watch.

Some customer reviews that might interest you:

  • I bought this watch online and it helped me save almost $70.00 compared to the department stores. This watch is gorgeous and it is worth every penny.
  • This watch goes well with any type of clothing.
  • It fits perfectly and has just the right weight to feel comfortable on your wrist.
  • I wear this watch all the time and it is very scratch resistant. It still looks like brand new!
  • If you have a small wrist you can get one or more links removed at your local Fossil store to make it fit better.
  • The picture does not do this watch justice! It’s even better looking in real life!
  • Looks much more expensive than what you pay for it.
  • The butterfly clasp is nicely designed and makes the watch very comfortable to wear.
  • Co workers owned two Fossil models, but we both agree the model of CE1010 is better in designed.
  • I am proud to report not a scratch after dropping and bumping several times.
  • Several customers are buying it as a gift for their loved ones.

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Fossil Ceramic Watch Comments

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